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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Musical Styles:

Acoustic, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Bossa Nova, Country, Cowboy, Folk, Humor, Jazz, Lullabies, Indigenous, Old-time, Pop, Reggae, Rock'N'Roll, Shuffle, Spanish, Swing, Western, World Beat, Children's songs, and Poetry, including Cowboy Poetry



Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

A select group of outstanding songwriters and poets
with songs that will touch your heart
and tickle your funny-bone.

Sandy Reay is the Colorado Sandstorm. An award-winning songwriter, she works with highly-talented songwriters and musicians to create songs and poems you want to listen to over and over again.



We added a rough of
(My Favorite Love Song) Ends With Goodbye

We added three new poems:

We have a new version of the demo of Bound By the Rain. We cleaned up the guitar and vocal tracks, and Spencer Pyne added a fabulous bass track. You can read a new version of the lyrics and my notes about the true story that inspired the lyrics.

More comments were added to Feedback:

Welcome to Buddy Mondlock. He and Sandy co-wrote a song, Broken Rear-View Mirror. Buddy laid down the initial studio tracks. You can get a sneak preview of the song from his initial phone recording.

Welcome to Melinda A. Smith. She incuded recorded spoken word prose and poetry from Deb Ewing, Sandy Reay, and others in her immersive electronic music to create "Depression Is...," on NeurOnFire, her newest album.

Welcome to Dan Navarro. After years, he and Sandy Reay co-wrote a song, I'll Watch and Wait.

Thanks to Rona Golfen, RonaPhoto for her photographs used on Free Fall, I'll Hold You Close, Last Night's the Last Night, and Woman Warrior.

Thanks to Deb Ewing for her photograph used on Trouble's Coming Down the Line.

Colorado Sandstorm Music

Thanks for visiting Colorado Sandstorm Music. If you like the songs, poems, and illustrations, keep coming back. We will be adding more as we write and record them.

Colorado Sandstorm Music

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The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond) - Steve Jones
The Lump of Coal Hopes Diamond CD Steve Jones showing an old-time steam trains and gold aspens
The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond)

Bring 'Em Home CD
Sandy Reay & Friends

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Bring 'Em Home CD Sandy Reay Terry Nash a photo of a cattle round-up from horseback
  "earsie" photo by Terry Nash
 1. Bring 'Em Home
 2. Melinda Rose
 3. Ride for the Win
 4. Black Day
 5. Glue-lot Cowboy
 6. Spitting Seeds
 7. Diamonds and Gold
 8. Down at Joe's
 9. Another Horse to Saddle
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Two Below the Hocks
12. Stitches

Another Horse to Saddle
An Online Cowboy Poetry Book

Another Horse to Saddle, Online Cowboy Poetry Book
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