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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Melinda Rose

©2020 Sandra L. Reay, John P. Nelson

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.
Absolute Zero Publishing, B.M.I.

Susanna, she dropped by today.
  She said, “That's where I used to play
  Now it's gotten overgrown
  This house is one big memory,
  Oh Mama! Please come live with me
  You know I worry now that you're alone”
  Susanna's scared. I'm not afraid.
  This is the house that Charlie made
  Though he's gone, I know where I belong.
  I still see him on that swing
  And often I can hear him sing
  When chilly breezes start to blow
  “Darlin' won't you come along?
chorus Melinda Rose, come dance with me.
  The moon is shining brilliantly
  And in this light your beauty glows
  I will love you tenderly
  And I promise that I'll be
  Forever yours, Melinda Rose
Three A.M in the snow
  Headed to the barn although
  We sold the stock a few years back
  I whistled for the dog then knew
  Just last month, I lost him too
  I guess that I was losing track
  But someone called to me that night
  And waiting in the silver light
  There was Charlie standing in the snow
  Snowflakes shining in his hair
  Like diamonds in the frosty air
  “Come on beautiful, let's go
bridge Susanna found me there next day
  And I was smiling they say
  Beside my footprints in the snow
  One set led to where I lay
  Two sets of footprints danced away
  Who it was, they'll never know
Oh Charlie, I will love you tenderly
  And I promise that I'll be
  Forever, your Melinda Rose


Melinda Rose
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"I love a good ghost story. The first version of this song was called 'Dancing Barefoot in the Moonlight' or 'in the Garden.' Fortunately, John rewrote my lyrics, gave it a new chorus, and turned it into a song about love that transcends death.

"We asked Tom to sing on this song, after he finished recording Glue-lot Cowboy. He turned out to be the perfect Charlie."


Melinda Rose was performed at:

  • Angel Concept Art Show, Littleton CO
  • The Western Music Association Annual Festival Pro/Am Stage, Albuquerque NM
  • Fall Concert, Colorado Springs CO
  • World AIDS Day Concert, Colorado Springs CO
  • Cañon Rose, Cañon City CO
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