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I Wanted to Fly - Sandy Reay & Friends

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I Wanted to Fly

"I listened to "One Lonely Rider" over and over, at least 20 times, and have the first three verses memorized, plus the chorus. I respectfully request permission to recite it at gatherings when I have it fully memorized and practiced. This song is the best Western song I have heard in years. It seems like everything came together. I can't get it out of my head and I just kept playing it over and over all the way across eastern CO and all of KS."
— Dale Page, award-winning cowboy poet

"Good Morning Sandy,
I wanted to pass on that we performed One Lonely Rider at the Canon Rose (a full house crowd) and got a great response from it. Bill, the soundman, had the system dialed in and I had to keep telling myself 'You're singing the song, don't get choked up with the audience.'
I also kept thinking of the fun we had at the Ranum doing that song with you, Ernie, and Jon.
Thanks again for the tune.
— John F.

"Hi Sandy —
I've been listening to your CD and marveling at your songwriting ability — so many different subjects and styles. I could say which is my favorite, except that it seems to change with every listening. Thanks for sending it to me."
Dick Warwick, cowboy poet, finalist for 2012 WMA Poetry CD award

"I love your CD!!"
— Susie Knight, award-winning cowboy poet

"I finally listened to all 14 songs on your CD. My favorites were I Wanted to Fly, Free Fall, and Sandstorm From Sedona. But I really enjoyed every song. You have such versatility in your music. You are very talented. The music and the lyrics really touched me."
Marian Osher, artist

"Sandy, Superb Vocals, Music and Performance. I Love 'Already Gone'.
— Robert Allen, singer/songwriter

"In regards to your CD: I loved it. I thought it was good and I play it a lot. My daughter loves it and she loves a couple of songs off of it. So does my wife."
— Carmen Anthony, singer / songwriter

"I'm thrilled for you that you're committing more time to writing. You are amazing! I still listen to your CD every couple of weeks.........Please let me know about more CDs, I'll buy them in a flash!"
— Barb P.

"And my favorite of yours BTW is Free Fall..."
— Owen N.

"I've been exploring the Colorado Sandstorm Music website. You are a fabulously talented musician and songwriter yourself. I'm glad to find you teamed with two of my other favorites, Christy and Ernie. Oh, and i really enjoyed all the pictures on your site. What a priviledge to have gotten to meet you. I will be following your progress now and want to get your CD. I listened to several of the samples. Was able to pick out Christy on vocal background too. Will be looking forward to Timothy P.'s YouTube. Had already found you on YouTube. The wonders of our technological age! I wish you the best. If you send email news announcements, please include me."
— Elna C.

"How do I go about getting a copy or CD of them? I always want songs my friends have written! ... The ones on the Facebook player- it doesn't say who wrote them, but I hear you singing! They are really good!"
Jerry Grannell, musician

"Holy cow! Man, are you talented!!!!! A little touch of Reba. A soupcon of Nanci Griffith. A dash of Emylou Harris. And a whole lot of originality. A lot of good songs. Nice ensemble."
— Rob Armstrong (author, reporter, professor)

"I love your CD! It's in the player in the car so I can listen to it whenever I drive. I particularly love I Wanted to Fly and Black Creek."
— Pat Downey, Rocky Mountain Clocks

"Loved your CD!"
— Sharyn C.

"Sandy Reay's song, 'Already Gone' was performed by Steve Jones along with three others on stage, including a cello. It was beautiful."
— Don Cusic, "2010 WMA Showcase & Awards Show," The Western Way Winter 2010

"Nice song, Sandy!"
— Mary Huckins, Dakota Blonde (re: I Wanted to Fly)

"The CD is wonderful. I especially like Free Fall. I don't know how to describe it. I just really like it!"
— Joyce G.

"I think [our new CD "Second Guard"] is our best by quite a bit. Your songs [Already Gone and One Lonely Rider] certainly help."
— Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music

"About your song, 'Already Gone,' I can't say too many good things. I told my friend, Peter, that this was my favorite song on your CD, perhaps because it reminded me of the old western films I like to watch whenever I get a chance. Bob Turner's incredible lead vocal, Christy Wessler's backup, and all the supporting instrumental parts are fantastic. As with the memorable theme song in Clint Eastwood's 'Honkytonk Man,' the piece also has a deeper and richer history than the lyrics themselves, which tell a simple and unselfconsciously moving story of an aging cowboy.
"... I played the song for my in-laws when we got home and they really enjoyed it!"
Nat Tilander, composer

"Got rave reviews for "Already Gone" Thu and Fri nites."
— Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music

"Sandy, you're shaping your world with music and story telling. You're doing it! Thank you for making my world brighter. :)"
— Mary K.

"I was really impressed with your CD. I liked all the song, especially "I Wanted to Fly" and "Maybe This Time." I've been listening to your song since [the Fair] and it's still in the CD player in my car."
— Matt B.

...we're 99% sure that we're also putting One Lonely Rider on the CD. Our recording engineer liked it and urged us to put it on.
— Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music

The Western Music Association 2010 award finalists:
Collaborative/Composite Album: "I Wanted to Fly" Sandy Reay & Friends
Best Original Song: "Already Gone" Sandy Reay

  • "Congratulations to you as well !"
    Bill Barwick
  • Congratulations!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!!! That is wonderful news!!
    Damn, girl!!! That is fabulous!!! I'm so proud of you!!!
    I hope you WIN!!!!
    Brandy Herbert, musician
  • Congratulations. Your reward for believing in yourself. I'm so pleased for you. And, honestly, for me too. Way to go.
    Bob Turner, musician
  • OMG!!! I am so proud! I am excited for you.
    — Joanne R.
  • Congrats, keep me posted!
    Ryan Boldrey
  • Kudos on you Western Music Ass'n. 2010 awards for your album & song!!! My God! How exciting! I'm so proud of you!
    — Dolora R.
  • Sandy, that is fabulous. Congratulations!!!!
    — Joyce G.
  • Congrats!!! You put your heart into your songs and it comes out beautifully in your music. I am thrilled you are getting your well-deserved recognition.
    —Jeff G.
  • Congratulations on the songs and your talent. You deserve all the credit. ...Way to go!
    — Mike Cleary, musician
  • Hi San:
    Congratulations on the nomination for best song!
    We've recorded that one (Already Gone).
    — Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music
  • Congratulations,
    Your hard work , dedication and great compositions are finally being recognized.
    — Howard K.
  • Congratulations!
    Jim Ratts, musician
  • Wonderful, Sandy!
    — Mary K.
  • Congrats on Already Gone! You go girl!
    Christy Wessler, musician
    B.J. Suter, musician
  • Right on & congrats - a very fine tune getting the recognition it deserves!
    J.J. Fraser

Listened to some of your tunes. Really like what you do. Of course I grew up with Jim Croce, The Mudwamps (Momma's and Poppa's) and some of the great blues and jazz musicians that used to play at the Howard Theater in Wash. D.C. Used to go to the Villiage (N.Y.) on the week ends when I was going to College in the 1960's when Dylan, Joplin, Hendricks and the rest were just starting. What a good time to be alive. Keep up the good work.
— John L.T.

Hi, Sandy -
I finally had time to sit down (well, in the car!) listen to your cd. It is great. John Fisher [Yampa Valley Boys] wrote this morning and said they are using 2 of the songs. I assume "Already Gone" and "One Lonely Rider", your western songs.
I would like to sing the Collie song [Car Full of Collies] for the kid's school show - if I can learn all those words! Can you send me the lyrics!
B.J., I love your voice! It is perfect for the songs you sang.
— Suzie Solomon, musician

Rope Burns "Top of the Charts" for May-June, 2010:
"Western Music Album": #8 Sandy Reay & Friends - "I Wanted to Fly".
"Western Music Song": #6. Sandy Reay & Friends - "Already Gone"

  • I get Rope Burns.
    I just turned to page 17 of the May-June edition.
    "Top of the Charts"
    -Western Music Album-
    *Top Ten*
    #8 . Sandy Reay & Friends - "I Wanted To Fly"
    Indeed .. CONGRATULATIONS !!
    Bill Barwick
  • I just got my May-June copy of Rope Burns. Good Goin. Number 8 charted Album and Number 6 charted Song!!
    — John F.
  • Fantastic, cool news.
    Ryan Boldrey

It was my pleasure to include your song on my "Swingin' West" show. It was a nice addition.
— Mike Gross, WVOF-FM

You Colorado folks sure have a vibrant musical community and its my pleasure to share the music with my audience.
Whatever we call the style (roots, americana) doesn't matter -- its the stories, melodies and insights that merge to make a recording interesting (and radio worthy). Sandy Reay has accomplished that with a creative spirit and the help of a superb supporting cast. Well done.
— Steve Clarke, "Acoustic Planet," Erin Radio

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your new CD. I’ll be playing “Already Gone” from it on my show that starts on May 24th. The show will run for the full week. To access it, our web address is:
Listeners will need to click on the red line that says “O.J.s Latest Time” to access the current show. After the week ends, the show will be moved to the data bank and will play at random over the next few months or longer.
I realize this is a little early to give you a heads up, but I didn’t want to forget. Enjoy!
— O.J. Sykes, "Western Music & Bluegrass Time."

Hello Ms Reay
Thanks ever so much for I Wanted to Fly!!
We look forward to sharing I Wanted to Fly w/ our audience & will endeavor to warrant future music.
We have Sandy Reay entered into our artist database!!
...With kind regards
— Michael Chenault, WGOE

Dear San,
Upon arriving home yesterday ... I received your new album and have enjoyed listening to it ... since I read Rick Huff's review just a week ago.
...Your album has an excellent mix and I'll be including selection(s) beginning on May 30, 2010!
— Al (aka Herb Sudzin), "Sudzin Country / Early Morning Trails" WRSU-FM

Thanks for sending along your "I Wanted to Fly" CD. I will be using "Sandstorm From Sedona" from it on my "Swingin' West" radio shows.
Good luck with the CD!
— Mike Gross, WVOF-FM

CD Review in The Western Way by Rick Huff

Article in the Tri-Lakes Tribune by Ryan Boldrey

I just listened to Sandy Reay's CD 'I Wanted to Fly".
My favorite track was probably Free Fall.
Nice job both vocally and on piano!
— Gary Barker, Loose Cannon Bluegrass Band

I just finished listening to your CD.
There are some great songs on there.
You have a great way with lyrics and it was nice that so many other musicians thought so too, to be a part of it.
— Gary Barker, Loose Cannon Bluegrass Band

I've just finished playing your CD through TWICE, so I get all the nuances and flavors.
Thank you for recording all that good stuff.
Best wishes and keep well
Ed Skibbe:

Your CD is so good. I love it!
— Sunny J

I love your CD.
— Emily Miller Bond, composer

You're CD's got a coffee house feel, like you're listening to friends playing music.
It took me a while to listen to the whole thing. I kept playing the first track [I Wanted to Fly] over and over.
— Sandee

I listened to your CD again the other day and I'm blown away by the production values. Everyone you picked ... did an amazing job on this CD. well done!
I would love to start work on more of your songs.
And I'm gonna try to get my band to cover the Black Leather jacket song :)
Love it!
Michi Regier

Nice array of tunes and performances. Didn't know BJ has such a pleasant singing voice.
I'll play State Line Cafe on Feb 28 bewteen 9 &10a.
— Jerry Mills, radio show host of Rocky Mountain Bluegrass on KOLT FM, 100.7 FM, out of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, on Sunday mornings 8-10 a.m.

the cd is Wonderful, Thank you so very much...i love creative and evolving you are ! you go girl !
— Betty Spreen, entertainment director, Florida Renaissance Festival

And, enjoying I am. You are a genius!
— John L.

Hi San:
We sure enjoyed listening to your CD on our way back to Steamboat on Sunday morning. Way to go!
By the way, when "Hitchhiker " came on, we passed a fellow that was hitchhiking. The truck was full of instruments, etc., so we couldn't stop, but, talk about timing.
Anyway, there are a couple of songs that I/we would like to work up and put into our shows--with your permission, of course. They are "Already Gone" and "One Lonely Rider".
— Steve Jones, Irish Coyote Music

I was listening again to "I Wanted to Fly" last night, and it sure is a fine album!
J.J. Fraser, songwriter

Hi San,
Finally had time to sit down and listen to your CD - great stuff! Really some nice performances by you and your guest musicians. My very 2 favorites are "Black Leather Coat" and "Whole Lotta Pain". "Black Leather Coat" sounds like something Lyle Lovett would write and sing - I really loved the lyrics, beat, feel, and vibe of the tune. Some country artist should get a hold of this - maybe Kenny Chesney or Lyle himself? Got any Nashville contacts? On "Whole Lotta Pain", that would make a great modern blues tune for somebody. I thought "I Wanted to Fly" would also be a good tune for some country artist - I could hear a male vocalist on it as well. Loved the Pedal steel on it!
I loved the Dobro on "Already Gone" - that is a nice tune in the folk vein. I liked the Spanish flavor of "Red Shoes". I also really liked "State Line Cafe" - again, seems like it would be a good one for some country artist. Kathy Mattea sort of popped into my head for that one. Nice tune and nice harmonies on it.
"Hitchhiker" was a fun song, and I thought "Car Full of Collies " was cute. "Sandstorm From Sedona" was also fun and I liked the feel of it.
Overall, I like how you have little harmonic twists in a lot of the songs - you think they might be pretty straight ahead, but then you throw in something that takes you off guard (in a good way!) and you go - cool!
So, congratulations! I know it was a ton of work and expense (can relate!) but you should be thrilled with the results! I really hope someone who has some big visibility in the music world might pick up a few of your songs and give you some nice royalty money!
— Cindy E,, musician

The CD lived in my car for a week and I listened to it constantly.
You should be very proud of this piece of work. I know it took along time, but the effort was well worth it. I will be loading it into my new i-pod nano soon. I really feel honored to have been a part of your music.
— Jeff Ingram, musician

I LOVE the CD and it is in my favorite collection of wonderful musicians that I've been fortunate enough to know all these years.
I'm listening to your CD (again) and I gotta tell you that it's really wonderful (again). I don't recall meeting Mr. Fraser but he's got a very mellow voice. Your collection of people for this artistic beauty is wonderful. Turner is just great and if we must be relegated to remember him through the recordings we have, then I'm glad you got the last one.
You have a lot of love invested in this CD and I thank you (again)....
I commend you for giving all of us a great slice of American music the way we love to hear it.
— Bob Wheeler (Just another Sandy Reay fan), author of "The Daddy Book" and "The Stress Book" available at Clear Creek Books, Golden, and some Borders Book Stores.

Sandy, I like your CD.
My favorites are I Wanted to Fly and Whole Lotta Pain.
— Louren M.

The new CD is sooo good….I play it in my car every day!
I want to perform some of your songs. May I have the chord charts for Already Gone and I'll Hold You Close?
— Jim Malatchi, musician

I listened to [your CD] on the way over the mountain, found it pleasant listening, some nice lyrics.
Katie Lee, musician

I also listened to the CD the first time twice straight through and thoroughly enjoyed it. The quality and diversity of songs, song styles, singers and arrangements is really captivating. Very impressive and quite an accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I hope it goes platinum and every song is picked up by many other artists to record. When are you starting on the next one?
B.J. Suter, musician

I finally had a chance to audition my new gift [thank you] and very much enjoyed it, especially "Already Gone", and "One Lonely Rider" (but then I'm biased).
Bill Barwick, musician

I am thinking Lyle Lovett needs to record Black Leather Coat. I'll Hold You Close caused me heart flutters. Your stories are genuine and touching ! Thanks for this wonderful project !
— Shawn Winchester, musician

Hey, Sandy...Great to see you at the Lakewood Center. ... I've listened to I Wanted to Fly several times, and think you've put together a great collection. I generally try to put together a blurb or review of things I like, so the attached pdf file is my attempt to let folks know what I think of your work. Take care, Sandy, and we'll talk soon.
Jon Chandler, musician and award-winning songwriter

Jon Chandler's CD Review:

Sandy Reay & Friends

So, while America tunes in each week to watch extravagant productions aimed at creating flamboyant “stars” who have plenty of moxie but absolutely no soul, there are hundreds of singer/songwriters (if not thousands) who fly under the radar, plying their trade with purity and intelligence. It’s a true pleasure to discover one. Sandy Reay is a fixture in Colorado’s acoustic music scene, playing upright bass and singing in venues ranging from dusty watering holes to elegant amphitheaters. She’s also an exquisite songwriter. Several years ago, she shared the lyrics to a song entitled Sandstorm From Sedona with me, and I was struck by her lyrical integrity and insight. Well, actually I was struck by how fun the lyrics were. When I heard the jazzy-swingy recorded version, I was surprised and delighted at how Sandy had taken a western theme, rejected its minor-chord stereotype and given it a new, intriguing, and yes, purely western aspect. Her vocal is answered by Bill Barwick’s thundering bass warbling, a flute twitters around the edges, and the whole thing works. On this CD, she lends several of her songs to lead vocalists who do them justice. From the opening track (I Wanted to Fly), with Christy Wessler singing like Emmylou in her prime, the songs are captivating and ultimately interesting. The good time folk song blast from the past of Already Gone features an iconic vocal from Bob Turner and has the listener unconsciously looking for the car keys, ready to hit the road. Sandy’s songs rank with those penned by many of the best western songwriters…Chris Wall comes to mind. I love Red Shoes, and I love Car Full of Collies. I’m humming Maybe This Time as I write. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also love my harmonica part on One Lonely Rider. But that’s just my opinion.

Hi Sandy,
I received the CD, and listened to most of it (but want to listen to it more). It is really very good! I like the variety of songs, and the way that the songs feature different singers and instrumentation. Very nice! ... Say "hi" to Ernie for me (tell him great job - good playing and singing too, and producing of course). Thanks again for the CD. Good work!
Peter Schwimmer, musician

Love the new CD! Looking forward to making more music with you!
Brandy Herbert, musician

Hi Sandy,
Cheryl and I listened to your new CD today on the way over to Summit County. WOW! It brought tears to our eyes! Thanks for putting it together. We want 12 copies to give to family and friends.
Merry Christmas!
— Mike and Cheryl Q.

[I] listened to your new cd and you all did such a great job. I was impressed with how it all came together.
Sylvia Murray, songwriter

Other Feedback:


Another Horse to Saddle

Bring 'Em Home CD
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash

I Loved Your Poem!!!
— Andria Kidd, Cowboy poet

I like the poem / story as far as subject and delivery, and it seems like one verse wants to be the chorus in a song.
I really like I'z and 'fi - like true pronunciation.
My only complaint is that it ended too soon - I wanted to hear another adventure before he headed for the "final roundup".
Keep up the good work!
J.J. Fraser

Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
— Bill Patterson, photographer

Enjoyed "One more Horse..." a lot!
Lynn Kopelke, Cowboy poet

Your rhyme and meter are impeccable! I can't remember saying those words, by the way.
Well done, young lady.
— Dale Page, Cowboy poet

Dust of the West (Come See the Ranch) (coming soon)

Oh my GOSH!!!!! THOSE LYRICS!!! THOSE LYRICS!!! Girl.....I'm shivering from the goosebumps!
I cannot wait to hear the melody! The story is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I can relate to them...and I'm remembering my own experiences because of your lyrics.
That's what I think makes a great song...and/or poem. Words (pictures, scenarios, memories) that "they" (the listeners) can connect with.
Awesome!!! Double-awesome!!!
— Susie Knight, 2014 Western Music Assciation Female Poet of the Year, 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Cowgirl Poet, 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet

I'm In it for the Food

I would very much like to purchase the sheet music to the song, I'm In It For The Food, by Sandra L. Reay. Time is of the essence. Please tell me what I need to do. Thank you,
— Jennie V

I Wanted to Fly (Version 2) and
I'll Hold You Close (Version 2)

You rock girl! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I WILL make it to one of your open mics, someday soon. I am singing more now.
I can tell Mary[Huckins, Dakota Blonde] is singing your "Flying" song! Wonderful inspiring! But, who is singing "I'll Hold you Close?" What a charm of a song!! I can see people dancing close together with this one! Good job Sis!! REALLY GOOD JOB!!! Hugs, xxx
— Reggie Ruth Barrett, photographer / songwriter

My Dream I love the poem you wrote to go with my tree photo! It works so well with the photo and creates a mood that seems right. 
Rona G, photographer

Melinda Rose
a co-write with John Nelson

Bring 'Em Home CD
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash

And you should have heard Sandy Reay hit it out of the park with her new song of Melinda Rose. Absolutely wonderful and beautifully done!
Floyd Beard, award-winning Cowboy poet and songwriter

Oh yes, the emotion and passion was there big time! Very nice.
Floyd Beard, award-winning Cowboy poet and songwriter

Beautiful song.
Your song writing is some of the very very best of the very very best I have heard!
— Reggie Ruth Barrett, photographer / songwriter

I can't tell you enough how beautiful your song "Melinda Rose" is. I rate it a 10. I feel honored you played it.
— Janis F

Occassional Man

An occasional man....
BTW that song must be good.... I got it stuck in my head all afternoon yesterday.
—Don O, musician

OMG!! I love this song and you sound absolutely FANTASTIC!!!Thank you for sharing this! What a great way to start my day!
—Monica L, musician

Love that "emancipated" attitude. How liberating!
Love the song!
Bill P, photographer

I think the song is really, really good. You should try to market it big time.
—John G

Hi Sandy: Thanks - this came out well! An attitude song :-)
John Nelson, musician, songwriter, producer

Sweeeeeeet! Love it. Fun. I can hear the smile in your voice. Congratulations!!!
B.J. Suter

Our Last Roundup Our Last Roundup is a fabulous piece and is becoming a real favorite of mine.
— Elna C
Someone Else's Dream (coming soon) This song is so lovely and melancholy. I really love the piano work
— Deb E

Bring 'Em Home CD
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash

It's a Beautiful poem, Sandy.
—Joe Barrera, The Almagre Review

I cannot even sum up the emotions this poem created inside me. Yes...Kleenex was necessary. Un-feeakin'-believable!
Girlfriend, WHO ARE YOU????? You need to be published, recognized, appreciated, applauded............AWARDED!!!
WOW again. Just WOW!!!! I'm amazed.
With love and accolades of respect,
— Susie Knight, 2014 Western Music Assciation Female Poet of the Year, 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Cowgirl Poet, 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet

Excellent poem. I look forward to hearing it.
— Dennis Russell, Cowboy poet

Wow, San! Your poem takes my breath away. It is so evocative, I can see the scene. Wow!
I think "Stitches" is fabulous.
Rona G, photographer

Very well crafted, Sandy, with obvious true sentiment.
— Dale Page, poet

Just lovely
Carol Heuchan, poet

The Barbarian That's hard-hitting poem. The cadence lends a false sense of security...unsettling
— Deb E, poet, songwriter
The Boys from the Bar Double O Thank you for sending along your poem!
Bill [Barwick] told me he had asked you to email it to me and I am glad you did. Great story. The majority of my stuff is from the women's point of view, so this fits right in.
Thanks again,
— Sam D, cowgirl poet

The Old Iron Hinge
a poem

This is such a fine poem.
Lynn Kopelke, Cowboy poet

Girl!!! You are a phenomenal writer! I loved this wonderful poem!
— Susie Knight, 2014 Western Music Assciation Female Poet of the Year, 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Cowgirl Poet, 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet

Nice job Sandy
Floyd Beard, Award-winning Cowboy poet

You don't need anybody's help there, Sandy. When the words take your reader there with you then they have done exactly as you have set out to do. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.
— John "Ol' Ugly" Glawson, Cowboy poet and country comedian is just beautiful! I felt as though I was watching the barn doors open and close in a soft breeze.
— Susan S.

I love it. Thanks for sharing
— Carmen Anthony, songwriter

That's a really nice poem, San! It was kinda sad and really beautifully written.
— Emily Miller Bond, composer

I really like your poem about the old hinge. Once again, it's so evocative I can see the scenes. I love that the one hinge makes you think (and therefore, me too) about the creation and history of the hinge. I saw an old weathered hinge that looked great to me, but I didn't think about all that. Now I will.
Rona G, photographer (her photo inspired the poem)

I like it, Sandy. ​ ​This is very observant! It's like an Aesop's fable sort of thing. You really made me see that old door and hinge.
And to think, your whole poem hinged on a piece of metal.
Well done, Lass.
— Dale Page, Cowboy poet

You Are the Road (coming soon)

I finally got back to the recording from tonight and I LOVE YOUR SONG!!!
— Cathy O.

I loved doing your song.
Dan Navarro, songwriter

That is lovely.
— Barbara D.

Very nice!
— Mary Pat M.

I love the final mix on that!
— Stacy McClure

thank you sandy!! really nice!
— Dave and Ellen K.

Liked your song very much
— Nadia Y.

Good stuff Sandy!
— Ed Skibbe, songwriter

You Were the Road (song and video)

Thanks again for letting me sing your song. It moves everyone who hears it.
— Rebecca Martin, singer

Sounds great. Terrific song!!!!
— Joyce G.

Beautiful song, Sandy. Makes me proud of you. =)
— Bob Wheeler, author

Nice song, keep up the good work.
Steve Pierce, musician

You are an extremely talented songwriter.
— Rob Armstrong (author, reporter, professor)

Great song San!!!!!!!
— Jeanette Oxelson, artist

Nice treatment of your tune. it really has that sing- along- ability that makes a tune popular!
— Shawn Winchester, musician

This was really great to watch and listen to. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
— Patricia L.

Very nice!! Congratulations!
Brandy Herbert, musician

— Eileen J.

B.J. Suter, musician

— Doris G.

Love it!
— Kim G.

Awesome, toots!!!!
Great Song.......
— Ed

Wow…it moved me too! Good job.
— Dolora R.

Yes, she did [a good job]. Good song!
— Steve Jones, Yampa Valley Boys


Reviews of other CDs:



Western Way Fall 2011 review of Ernie Martinez's CD, "Blue Range."

Rope Burns March-April 2011 review of the Yampa Valley Boys CD, "Second Guard."



The Boogeyman
  • I can see why you're having fun with this! — Cindy E
  • Well done!! Very impressive. — Brandy Herbert

Song Critiques:

  • Isn't that the truth. Good story.
Already Gone
  • Good traditional song
  • Lovely sensory language
  • I was right there with you
  • Nice lyrics and composition
  • first two verses are detailed and descriptive with actions and images…consistent rhyme patterns and meter…good job
  • Very strong demo…great for movie and TV background
  • The verses are familiar meaning they were similar to other songs I’ve heard…that made them easy to follow and sing along
  • Strong vocal and great sounding pickers
Bitter Wind (coming soon)
  • I love this line in the chorus
  • Cool bridge & nice feel
  • Catchy beat!
  • Like the repeat of the lines in the chorus
  • Unbelieveable words :)
Bound By the Rain (coming soon)
  • I liked the story. Interesting chord changes.
  • Way cool. Nice twist.
  • Very interesting and engaging song
  • It’s a good hook.
  • You have a lot of good lines and images. It’s a good concept and ... all the images work....
  • Good theme.
  • Good simple bluegrass melodies.
Car Full of Collies
  • Great nonsensical lyrics. Lots of's a great song...
  • A first class treatment of nonsense lyrics. The chorus is just right for contrast — just precious.
Dead Love Walking (coming soon)
  • Way fun
  • So fun
  • Very nice
  • I like this title. It's sort of gruesome and funny at the same time. And, it's different and intriguing. I also think you did a pretty good job of writing the lyric to support the title.
  • You have some great images in the opening of the song. All the stuff about starting a fire with green wood and playing cards with Doc Holiday, etc. is great.
  • The humor in the song, for me, comes from that a lot of our misery is self-inflicted. We long for a real live connection with another human being even when we know the relationship is dead. It's the conflict between real and dead that I think is so wonderful. Great theme for a song, in my opinion.
  • Love to hear a song with diminished chords. Big props! And, I love what you do in the chorus where you take the melodic line up and up towards the end of the chorus.
Heading East
  • Pretty melody, nice scene here. You portrayed a good feeling about starting over.
I Don't Want to Dance (With You)
  • I think this title and hook are a great idea. It’s an intriguing and relatable metaphor, and a lucky accident that it corresponds so nicely with the John Prine song!
  • I want to commend you on the impeccable craft of this lyric. Every line leads back to that (clever) hook, and each line perfects its rhyme scheme. That is no small feat, so pat yourself on the back. Great work.
  • If you want to keep this as your song as an artist, I have no suggestions for improvement! It’s awesome.
  • I think the overall concept of this song is really strong, it’s understandable, intriguing, and very poetic. Great work.
I'll Hold You Close
  • Love the verses, donít know that Iíd change a thing. GOOD WORK.
  • Very romantic. I like the way you encompass the enduring part of love and use such a tender theme. Lyrics fall very nicely into the phrases.
  • Sweet idea for a song
I'll Hold You Close (Version 2)
  • Lovely tune
  • Really nice melody
  • I love Sandy's music! This is one of her best!!
  • Cool...
  • Nice sentiment!
  • great just great
  • Great song and song writter
  • What are true friends for? "I'll Hold You Close" is that definition, being there for you through 'thick or thin'. Well done!
  • Good one!
  • fantastic!
  • I like it alot. But still looking for that one that will hold me close when I fall asleep. <:-) Actually, good lullaby too maybe for kids. Quite soothing.
  • Great tune!
  • Great melody!
  • Simply perfect! Tight song with memorable melody and lyrics! Brilliant!!!
  • I can see lovers dancing together with this song. Maybe a wedding song too? You rock!
  • A wonderful song!
  • Love it!
I Wanted to Fly (Version 2)
  • I love this song
  • Great!
  • Nice
  • really liked this
  • This one really grows on you
  • A lot of meaning and well written.
  • I think it's amazing and it gave me chills. Great message with a very flowing arrangement
  • Loved it!
  • great song!
  • love it!
  • Love this one!
  • Awesome
  • great lyrics and nice chord modulation at the right moments
  • Just great! This is a song that teaches us about "more to the picture than meets the eye." Excellent, really really strong message about self and others.
  • A great song.
  • nice beat
  • Cool title!
  • Good job
  • Your melody works well for the lyric, it's very diverse.
  • It's a cool song
I'll Watch and Wait (coming soon)
  • Funny - Nice!
  • Really like this song! Fun :)
  • Loved it :)
  • Good song. It made me laugh.
Lady of the Valley
  • Very nice song. The tune is simple but not boring. Your song structure and crafting are very good.
Last Night's the Last Night (coming soon)
  • Good tempo. Good music
  • Like the funky sound and pacing
  • Good song!
Maybe This Time
  • This song REALLY moved me, it was SO REAL.
  • Interesting melody, like the 'stairstep' quality to it"
  • Beautiful and haunting."
Melinda Rose
a co-write with John Nelson

Bring 'Em Home CD
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash

  • Beautiful song!
  • Very nice
  • A nice song
  • Loved the lyrics
  • The song was wonderful
One Lonely Rider
  • This is a GREAT story and song.
  • Good cowboy song.
  • This is a classic heroic the old Marty Robbins gunfighter songs. Good job.
Red Candy (coming soon)
  • Very nice. It paints a very clear story.
  • You took the normal route with the verse/chorus/bridge structure which I think is always the best bet. Good job.
  • It's a cool idea. I can't say that I've heard of anything like it so that's a plus.
  • I like the idea and story. ... it's def a cute story.
Sandstorm From Sedona
  • Good melody
  • Liked the metaphors in the chorus
  • Nice song.
Spittin' Seeds

Bring 'Em Home CD
"earsie" photo by Terry Nash

  • Very cool!
  • Great imagery
State Line Cafe
  • I filtered the whole song through thoughts of another old truck stop I've watched disappear. Very bittersweet.
  • I love this it true? Sounds like it is. Good writing.
The Killer in Me (coming soon)
  • I love the title... I love that it's not humorous, it's very dark and unique. But not too dark...
  • The first verse is crazy well crafted!! Great job!!
  • I really like it. It's a good story and you were very creative about making it about a writer.
  • I'm digging the melody in the verses... and especially the melody on 'the killer in me'
  • Overall, a great, unique song idea with a cool feel. I really like it!! Well done!!!
Wandering Cowboy
  • Fabulous
  • Really great
We are the Buffalo (coming soon)
  • Love this song
Whistles in the Wind (coming soon)
  • Great visuals
  • Awesome images
  • Very poetic
  • Excellent work, Sandy!
  • Very sweet
  • I love your chorus!!
  • Great imagery
  • I think the hook is very strong. Nice job on that.
  • I love your first two verses and your chorus Sandy..... theres something totally haunting and beautiful about it... great job.
You Are the Road (coming soon)
  • The arrangement feels good - I like how your start it off with the Chorus at the beginning. That seems to set the tone really well and get right into the heart of the message.
  • The hook and the title are all good too...the Chorus really sets up a nice motif with the causes and effects of objects and does well to support the hook at the end of each Chorus.
  • You involve a lot of detail into the lyric and it really sets a sweet and endearing mood all the way through.
  • This is a very endearing idea and it seems to wrap well around the hook you've developed.
  • As a Folk/Americana song, your melody is pretty strong. It matches the sentiment of the message as well as the lyric...the phrasing is comfortable, the meter is consistent.
You Were the Road
  • You did something difficult: you wrote a song about heartbreak without using the word 'heartbreak.'

Cards and Letters:

Dear Sandy —
Was very warmed by your poetry and you.
Sally Love Saunders, poet
Howdy, Pard,
It was nice to hear your performance, short though it was. And nice to see Ernie, too.
I enjoyed your material. We hope to see you again.
Peace and Harmony to you,
Jeanne and Jerome, The Call of the West
You rock girl! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I WILL make it to one of your open mics, someday soon. I am singing more now.
I can tell Mary [Huckins, Dakota Blonde] is singing your "Flying" song! Wonderful inspiring! But, who is singing "I'll Hold you Close?" What a charm of a song!! I can see people dancing close together with this one! Good job Sis!! REALLY GOOD JOB!!! Hugs, xxx
— Reggie Ruth Barrett, photographer / songwriter
Congratulations!! I read in the Winfield Occasional that you were a winner for Apache Plume. That's FANTASTIC! (I sing that song to myself all the time) (Along with 'Already Gone' and 'Woman Warrior') Thank you again for the tape. The songs are great. ... Well good luck to you and keep up the great songwriting.
— Jim
Thank you for sending the words and chords to Cabin on the Prairie. I love the words. My husband plays with a group of retired "learners." He played it for them and each week they ask him to play it again but they all had trouble with the chords. It is a beautiful song and we play it often. You were deserving to be the Songwriters Showcase winner!
— Jane
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