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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



The Barbarian

©1996, 2023 Sandra L. Reay


Nothing here but sky and sea

Nothing here but wind and me
Nothing here but him
He has sandstone thighs and granite eyes
And a chrome-plated smile
He leaves no fingerprints
He leaves no marks at all
At least not where they can be seen
Nothing here but earth and sea
Nothing here but me
And him
I make a mad dash
Through the dark unknown
From safety zone to safety zone
He drifts like a blue wolf through the white emptiness
And he is there, in the shadows
Waiting for me
He tells me, "I AM the light"
Nothing here but sky and earth
Nothing here that does not hurt

"A close friend was married to a man who was physically abusive. I thought about that one night when I was walking alone near Downtown Denver on an unlit street and remembered a strange experience on a dark mountain road."

The Barbarian was published in A Tapestry of Thoughts, The National Library of Poetry, 1996.
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