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Bring Em Home Cowboy Music CD
"earsie" photos by Terry Nash


Bring 'Em Home by Sandy Reay and Friends

Producer: Spencer Pyne
Engineer & advisor: Spencer Pyne, ESP Recording
Songwriters: Floyd Beard, Ernie Martinez, Doc Mehl, Tom Munch, Terry Nash, John P. Nelson, Sandy Reay, Dave Schaper

Gordon Burt, Luke Halpin, Steve Jones, Ernie Martinez ("Ernie's Army"), Brian McClure, Stacy McClure, Doc Mehl, Tom Munch, Spencer Pyne, Sandy Reay, Dave Schaper, Ed Skibbe, David Sondrup, B.J. Suter, Rod Welles, Donald Young

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 1. Bring 'Em Home
 2. Melinda Rose
 3. Ride for the Win
 4. Black Day
 5. Glue-lot Cowboy
 6. Spitting Seeds
 7. Diamonds and Gold
 8. Down at Joe's
 9. Another Horse to Saddle
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Two Below the Hocks
12. Stitches

I Wanted to Fly CD a painting of a white bird big yellow sky and silhouettes of people standing with their hands in the air
painting ©S.L.Reay


I Wanted to Fly by Sandy Reay and Friends

Producer: Ernie Martinez
Engineer & advisor: Jim Ratts, Raven Studio, Englewood CO
Songwriters: J.J. Fraser, Ernie Martinez, Sandy Reay, B.J. Suter

Hannah Alkire, Bill Barwick, Jon Chandler, Mike Cleary, J.J. Fraser, Jeff Graves, Timothy Hawkins (Timoteo), Brandy Herbert, Jeff Ingram, Ernie Martinez, Jim Ratts, Sandy Reay, Michi Regier, Peter Schwimmer, B.J. Suter, Bob Turner, Christy Wessler

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Rope Burns "Top of the Charts" for May-June 2010 - #8 "Western Music Album - Top Ten"

Nominated for collaborative/composite album in 2010 by the The Western Music Association

  1. I Wanted to Fly
  2. Black Leather Coat
  3. Free Fall
  4. Already Gone
  5. Maybe This Time
  6. I'll Hold You Close
  7. Red Shoes
  8. State Line Cafe
  9. One Lonely Rider
10. Hitchhiker
11. Car Full of Collies
12. Black Creek
13. Whole Lotta Pain
14. Sandstorm From Sedona

Three for the Road CD cover with a photo of a mountain road and blue sky with clouds
photo ©S.L.Reay

Three For the Road
Sandy Reay

Produced by Ernie Martinez
Recorded at Raven Studio, Englewood CO,
Jim Ratts, engineer and advisor
Written by: Sandy Reay

Bill Barwick, Jeff Graves, Brandy Herbert, Jeff Ingram, Ernie Martinez, Sandy Reay, Michi Regier, Jim Ratts, B.J. Suter, Christy Wessler


There's a Dead Boy in the Attice and Other Strange Stories yellow black and red book cover with a cartoon boy looking at a face in an open attic door
drawing ©Patrick Bone

There's A Dead Boy in the Attic and Other Strange Stories
Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer, Patrick Bone

Produced by Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer
Recorded by Peter Schwimmer
Illustrated by Patrick Bone
Written by: Patrick Bone, Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer

Patrick Bone, Boozjh (the cat), Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer, Sparkplugs (chorus): Mark Eirhart, Janice Heller, Jeanette Oxelson

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