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There's a Dead Boy in the Attic

©1994, 1995 Sandra L. Reay / Patrick Bone / Peter Schwimmer

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

Johnny and Tony, my uncles, were crazy
And often delighted in causing me pain.
So once, in October, when autumn was hazy
And dark clouds were looming and threatening rain
I took me some cover inside a small cabin
Out back of my grandparents' home on the farm
And started to read about Halloween madmen
In library stories, which caused me alarm
I read of the Ripper, and Charley the Zipper
And Alice the Ogre who made them look tame
The Wolfman was charming, but often alarming
And Bela Lugosi of Dracula fame
Would leap from the pages in blood seeking rages
While Frankenstein stumbled on legs that looked lame
But I, lost in terror, made one fatal error
Forgetting how Johnny and Tony played games.
So there I was reading of zombies retreating
From garlic and crosses and things of that kind
When Tony did slowly slip under my window
And hidden from me, the door lock he did find
While Johnny was hoisting himself up a ladder
To give him a boost to the cabin rooftop
Then I in my reverie suddenly noticed
A face at the window that made my heart stop!
"It's only you, Tony," I said feeling lonely
And then asked him why he had scared me so much/
"I came here to tell you there's something you must do
For this is the eve of great monsters and such.
So this you must know now, one Halloween evening
Just four or five autumns gone by,
In this very cabin, a young by was reading
When gruesomely, fatally dead did he die
But that is not all the bad news of this story
For not only dead did he die here that day,
But also his body was stuffed in the attic,
And here in this attic his body did stay
And generally harmless, for as you have noticed
There's no one of us who would fear to come in,
Except, I should mention, on Halloween evening
When he in his attic does look for a twin
Or someone to share in his lonely, cold attic
Alone in that attic these four or five years."
Then I, in that moment, heard scratches above me
And started to worry my greatest of fears.
From where I was standing, the door was just inches
But it seemed to take me an hour or so
To reach for the door knob and find it was bolted
So straight through the window I proceeded to go!
All running in terror and screaming for Mother,
And wondering, maybe, it all could be true?
For Johnny and Tony, my uncles, were crazy,
And who is to say what bad deeds they might do?
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