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A Ghost with Frizzy Hair?

©1994, 1995 Sandra L. Reay / Patrick Bone / Peter Schwimmer

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

A ghost, a ghost, I think almost,
  I saw a ghost tonight!
  I'm not sure where, The alley there,
  I saw a thing in flight.
Was white, pure white, In dark of night,
  And danced out of the dumpster.
  With frizzy hair, I saw it there,
  I think it was a monster.
But then, again, there are times when
  The wind blows through the streets,
  And from the trash, things blow around,
  Like shirts, old towels, and sheets.
But frizzy hair? I swear, I swear,
  I saw it over there.
  Out from the dumpster I think a monster
  Flew by me in the air
Like shirts, old towels, and sheets.
Samples from Production Versions:
There's A Dead Boy in the Attic - Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer, Patrick Bone
There's a Dead Boy in the Attice and Other Strange Stories CD A Ghost With Frizzy Hair

Sandy made some suggestions to Patrick about the lyrics.

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