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I Wanted to Fly (Version 2)

©2009 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

Daddy and I never saw eye to eye
  I was wrong and never knew why
  He said, "Low." I said, "High."
  He said, "Stay," and I said, "Good bye."
chorus 2
I Wanted to Fly, I wanted to soar
  I needed to find out what was outside the front door
  I wanted to leave. I had to be free
  His love was my lock, my leash, a load that's too heavy for me
Sometimes we get old and never get wise
  I saw anger in Daddy's eyes
  I sawsadness. I never saw pride
  And it stayed that way till the day that he died
bridge (spoken):
  Then one night, in a dream, Daddy said to me
chorus 3
I knew you could fly. I knew you could soar.
  You already had the key to unlock that door
  I knew you would leave. You were already free.
  My love was your heart, your soul, your wings. You didn't see.
coda His love was my heart, my soul, my wings.
  Now I see.
I Wanted to Fly (Version 1)
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I Wanted to Fly - Sandy Reay & Friends
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Sandy Reay & Friends: I Wanted to Fly

"I had a stormy relationship with my father. I had a healing dream about him two years after he died. In that dream he told me, 'You never needed my help.'" — San

  • I Wanted to Fly was aired on "Acoustic Planet," Erin Radio on May 27, 2010.
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