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I Wanted to Fly (Version 4*)

©2009, 2020 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music,B.M.I.

Daddy and I never saw eye to eye
  I was wrong and never knew why*
  He said, "Low." I said, "High."
  He said, "Stay," and I said, "Good bye."     'cause
I Wanted to Fly, I wanted to soar
  I needed to find out what was outside my* front door
  I wanted to leave*. I had to be free
  His love was my lock, my leash, a load that's too heavy for me
Sometimes we get old and never get wise
  I saw anger in Daddy's eyes
  I never saw love*. I never saw pride
  And it stayed that way till the day that he died
bridge I cried for my dad, but he didn’t know it.
  Mom said he loved me, and wanted to show it
  So he tried to protect me, but I couldn't breathe*
  Then one night, in a dream, Daddy said to me
I knew you could fly. I knew you could soar.
  You already had the key to unlock that door
  I knew you would leave*. You were already free.
  My love was your heart, your soul, your wings. You didn't see.
coda His love was my heart, my soul, my wings. Now I see.

"I had a stormy relationship with my father. Two years after he died, I dreamt about him. In that dream he told me, 'You never needed my help.'"

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