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Red Shoes

©2008 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

Justino plays for tourists, right outside a noisy bar
  Hear the heartbeat of his fingers on the strings of his guitar
  And from his lower lip, hangs a pencil-thin cigar
  But his eyes move when he watches Dorothea
Dorothea walks the shabby streets, her eyes always cast down
  Nimble fingers snatch up any lost coins on the ground
  Magician-like she stashes the treasure she has found
  She stops and stares at Red Shoes in a window
One cold and dreary Tuesday, when the sky hung like a rag
  Dorothea sidled up the street, clutching a tattered bag
  She ducked inside a shoe store with her dreams on a price tag
And walked out in triumphant new Red Shoes
chorus (Oh) those Red Shoes, those magic Red Shoes
  In them she was pretty; in them she could dance
  Justino's music moved her, took her by the hand
  And romanced her when she wore Red Shoes
Justino plays his street guitar, but his fingers, they move slow
  The run-down streets of the old town aren't where the tourists go
  And love, it is a mystery that he will never know
  But his eyes move when he watches Dorothea
Dorothea's hair is silver now; the urchins call her "crone"
  Locked up in her old maid's room, she spends her nights alone
  And the scuffed and broken Red Shoes? They will never take her home
  Not even if she clicks her heels three times
chorus (But) ...
Justino's music moved her, took her by the hand
  And romanced her when she wore Red Shoes
  Romanced her, when she, she wore Red Shoes

"Christy Wessler and I co-taught a songwriting class, Hook, Rhyme and Singer, in the summer of 2008. The assignment for the class was to write a song using a two-word phrase from the first exercise and a picture on the class room wall. I decided to do the assignment along with the class. My two words were 'Red Shoes' and the picture I chose was 'El Guitarista' by Justin Bua."

Red Shoes
Full-length Rough
  • Sandy Reay: vocal
  • Timoteo (Timothy Hawkins): flamenco guitar

a photo of a flamenco dancers red dress and red shoes stylized to show movement

video by Shawn Winchester
I Wanted to Fly - Sandy Reay & Friends
I Wanted to Fly CD a painting of a white bird big yellow sky and silhouettes of people standing with their hands in the air
  • Sandy Reay: vocal, upright bass
  • Timoteo (Timothy Hawkins): Flamenco guitars
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