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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Free Fall

©2008 Sandra L. Reay, B.J. Suter

Colorado Sandstorm Music,B.M.I.

Six miles high, speed was steady
  Wind from the north, weather fair
  Cabin door screamed and blew open
  She was pulled out into the air
Wind tore her clothes like a lover
  Anxious to get her to bed
  Shoes, stockings, jacket and white blouse
  Her skirt pulled off over her head
chorus Facing the stars. Facing the ground
  Feeling the wind spin her around
  Swan dive in space, graceful and small
  Making love with the wind in Free Fall
He twisted and turned her with whimsy
  Taught her to dive and to pray
  Learned every inch of her body
  Then wantonly blew her away
bridge instrumental
Now the earth is a jealous mother
  Who wants the wind for her own
  She pulled the girl down to her bosom
  With gravity, welcomed her home
Their brief affair ended abruptly
  In a field on a cold and starlit night
  But she rode the wind with a passion
  That lasted the rest of her life
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"I taught James Dickey's poem 'Falling' to a class of junior high school students when I was a teaching intern, over 30 years ago. Driving to Denver, I started thinking about the poem, which I hadn't read since then. By the time I got where I was going, I'd written the words to Free Fall. It was inspired by my memory of 'Falling' but it is my own interpretation.

"B.J.'s music is fabulous! She said she was inspired by my lyrics. I'm inspired by her music!"

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