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Charley and the Hideous Zipper Addiction

©1994, 1995 Sandra L. Reay / Patrick Bone / Peter Schwimmer

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

When Charley was a little boy,
  His very most delightful toy
  Was a zipper.
  Like a puppy and his slipper,
  Charley took to his zipper.
Even when he went to school,
  Charley broke the teacher's rule
  With a zipper.
  Like a dolphin and his flipper,
  Charley played with his zipper.
Later on in Charley's life
  When Charley thought to seek a wife,
  It was her zippers.
  Like a telescope and dippers,
  Charley scoped out her zippers.
Now there's not much left to say,
  But every day in every way
  Charley wastes his time away
  With his zipper.
Charley the zipper
  Just zips and unzippers
  And zips and unzippers
Samples from Production Versions:
There's A Dead Boy in the Attic - Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer, Patrick Bone
There's a Dead Boy in the Attice and Other Strange Stories CD Charlie and the Hideous Zipper Addiction
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