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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



The Boogeyman

©1994, 1995 Sandra L. Reay, Patrick Bone

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

Grandma warned me when I went
  To stay with her a time
  That I best be to my manners
  Lest I soon would find
  Someone sneaking past my window
  From the green elm stand
  Someone dark and dusty, dirty,
  Called The Boogeyman
On his shoulder, brown and lumpy
  Gritty gunny sack
  Into which he stuffed bad children
  Carried on his back
  Questioned not I Grandma's warning
  Knowing no child can
  Hide in safety under covers
From The Boogeyman
Late at night as I lay sleeping
  From the shadows near
  I would often hear him creeping
  Causing me such fear
  Through my window, down the alley
  Sometimes I'd pretend
  I could see him in the elm stand
  Big bad Boogeyman
"Patrick, an author, loves scary stories. His books and short stories were published nationally. He wrote some delightful Halloween-style children's poems and asked me to turn them into songs. I heard music in the words, and Peter helped me make them come to life."

drawings ©Patrick Bone

©Patrick Bone a drawing of a man wearing a long gray coat and big house in the trees hauling a brown sack with eyes and fingers sticking out of the holes
©Patrick Bone
There's A Dead Boy in the Attic - Sandy Reay, Peter Schwimmer, Patrick Bone
  The Boogeyman
There's a Dead Boy in the Attice and Other Strange Stories yellow black and red book cover with a cartoon boy looking at a face in an open attic door
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