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Maybe This Time

©1996, 2006 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

She watches his truck roll in
  Counts the days till it rolls back out
  They can go for a week, maybe, if they don't speak
  Of those things they fight about
Maybe This Time he'll help with the babies
  Maybe This Time he'll paint their room
  Maybe he will recall that the light in the hall
Has been broken since early last June
He knows it isn't a motel
  It isn't a roadside cafe
  He just can't get up, leave a buck by the cup
  Turn his back and drive away
break She got caught between starlight and sunshine
  Woke up in the cold light of day
  She dreamed of the life she'd have as his wife
  She can't make it turn out that way
Maybe This Time he'll help with the children
  Maybe This Time he'll fix the fence
  Maybe he will recall he broke the light in the hall
  It’s been hanging like that ever since
(repeat verse #1)
All those things they fight about
  All those things they fight about
  Original (optional) words:
  Change "she" to "I," "he" to "you," "his" to "your," and "they" to "we" etc.
  Change "watches" to "watch as," "counts" to "count," "knows" to "know" etc.
Maybe This Time
Full-length Demo / Rough
I Wanted to Fly - Sandy Reay & Friends
I Wanted to Fly CD
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Sandy Reay & Friends: I Wanted to Fly
  • Maybe This Time was aired on "Acoustic Planet," Erin Radio on May 20, 2010.

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