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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Heading East

©2003 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music,B.M.I.

Heading East, into the sunrise
  Under gray, heavy winter skies
  Running from the threat of snow
  Knowing it's too far to go today
Dodging 'round blowing tumbleweeds
  Memories are simply seeds
  That were planted in my mind
  Wondering what else I'll find along the way
bridge Too many ghosts on every corner where I've been
  Don't how many hitched a ride
  Maybe if I go some place I've never seen
  I can leave them all behind
Heading East, into the sunrise
  Looking out, with tired, bloodshot eyes

Risky but I'll take a chance

  On this old cross-country dance today


Risky but I'll take a chance
  Maybe I will find romance along the way
Heading East
Full-length Demo
  • Sandy Reay: vocal, upright bass
  • Mel Scott: guitar

"I was driving to Kansas City on a winter day, and just put in all the things I saw and felt into the song. Mel did a great job giving it a Norah Roberts feel."

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