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Another Horse to Saddle, Online Cowboy Poetry Book

Another Horse to Saddle

An Online Cowboy Poetry Book

  ©Model Guy S.L.Reay

The Boys from the Bar Double O by Sandy Reay ©2011

Aw, come on over here, sonny. Sit down with your Grampa.
I'll tell you some stories from time long ago,
About ridin' and ropin' and runnin' the herd, when
I rode with The Boys from the Bar Double O.

Handy Jack did some tricks with a rope that was genius.
Those folks from the town now, they'd just call it quaint.
But I'm tellin' you, son, I once saw him lasso
A spot off the back of an overo paint

With the horses, none better than dark-haired old wrangler,
For size and good nature we called Gentle Ben.
He could harness the lightnin' and neck-rein a cloud burst,
And once, son, I swear it, he saddled the wind.

Oh, my. Those were the days, son, yeah, those were the days,
When we roamed from the Rockies to Old Mexico
And we sang to the cattle and ate us some dust, when
I rode with The Boys from the Bar Double O.

Texas Tom was a drover who thought just like cattle,
And he had a nose good for sniffin' out strays.
He could start the herd movin' with naught but a whisper
And smelled like a heifer on really wet days.

Oh, yeah, those men, they learned me to ride and to wrangle
'Bout herdin' and dallies, to hold the rope so.
Son, I started out tender and had to grow up fast
To ride with The Boys from the Bar Double O.

Once I married a pretty girl fresh from the city
She thought she'd like ranchin' but she didn't know
How much she'd be home waitin' with chores and the babe while
I rode with The Boys from the Bar Double O.

So please, stay with me, son, for a summer. I learn ya
'Bout ridn' and ropin', those things you should know
Like your ma did when she was so eager at your age
And taught by The Boys from the Bar Double O.

Full-length Demo / Rough

photos ©Valerie Beard, Short Grass Studios four cowboys on horseback and a fifth horse on a lead in an open pasture

photos ©Valerie Beard, Short Grass Studios three cowboys on horse back herding a few steers in a green pasture

photos ©Valerie Beard, Short Grass Studios photo of thee cowboys pushing a heard of cattle down a hill in along a fence line with a gray sky in the background
photos ©Valerie Beard, Short Grass Studios


This poem was inspired by Ernie Martinez's music. The lyrics were revised to improve the rhyme and meter.
The Boys From the Bar Double O was published in The Round Up at the Western Music Association 2011 Western Music Festival.

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