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 Colorado Sandstorm Music




©2000 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

Hey, Dreamcatcher, outside my window tonight
  I can't see you, standing outside of the light
  You know my dreams could take wing and fly if you'd just let them be
  Hey, Dreamcatcher, why are you picking on me?
Hey, Dreamcatcher, I was out on a west Texas plain
  I was alone there, and you know it was fixing to rain
  I could see palm trees and starlight and romantic walks on the beach
  Hey, Dreamcatcher, you kept that dream out of reach
bridge Night after night, it's the same old thing
  Don't you get tired of chasing my dreams
  You're just a shadow that I've never seen
  And you're always gone with the dawn
Hey, Dreamcatcher, now I'm under this big harvest moon
  I'm all alone here; the north wind will be blowing in soon
  I want to dream me a lover to hold me all winter through
  Hey, Dreamcatcher, I want this dream to come true
Hey, Dreamcatcher, why are you picking on me?
  Why are you picking on me?
Full-length Demo
  • Sandy Reay: vocal, bass
  • Jeff Graves: guitar, drums
drawing of a dreamcatcher with gold beads and seven multicolored feathers

"I thought about the concept of the Native American Dreamcatcher and about the 'innate perversity of inanimate objects'."

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Bill Barwick helped Sandy finish the song when she had writer's block.

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