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I Wanted to Fly CD a painting of a white bird big yellow sky and silhouettes of people standing with their hands in the air

CD Review by Rick Huff in The Western Way, Spring 2010
magazine of the Western Music Association

CD Review by Rick Huff in The Western Way, Spring 2010 magazine of the Western Music Association showing the cover of the magazine and the printed CD review with the cover of the CD

Sandy Reay & Friends I Wanted to Fly

Part of what is interesting about the CD is the number of Western performers who have joined in to participate in something that isn't specifically Western!

Well, not totally Western, anyway!

Sandy Reay alternately leans toward the Country side, the Boogie side, the Folk side, the Jazzy side, the Bluesy side, the Novelty side and the Whatever Happens To Appeal to Her side. In other words she doesn't limit herself or her creativity. She wrote or co-wrote all of the album's tracks, and her songs are blessed with fresh and adventurous lyrics. And guess which Western performers you know hitched up for this ride...Ernie Martinez (frequent Western music side man and remembered for his group Everywhere West), the award winning singer/songwriter & Voice Of The Westerns Channel Bill Barwick and the very popular singer/songwriter & session man from Colorado Jon Chandler. And thirteen more!! When you find this kind of creative outpouring, it frequently means musician found special value in participating. That certainly is evident here.

Sandy Reay is well know in Colorado's acoustic music circles. She shares the lead vocals on this collection with other including Christy Wessler, J.J. Fraser, B.J. Suter, Bob Turner along with Ernie Bill and Jon. The album becomes a kind of show that way. From an entertainment standpoint, it was a smart choice. In her cover letter Reay admits there are only three Western songs on the album "One Lonely Rider," "Sandstorm From Sedona" and "Already Gone." They are really fine ones, too...songs that deserve to win a place in the repertoires of others.
    A bunch of musicians have seen something special in this CD. And folks, a bunch of musicians don't agree on much!!

— Rick Huff

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