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Ice Maiden

©1996 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

chorus She stand outside da gate, de Ice Maiden
  She stand outside da gate, de Ice Maiden
Inside de gate is a garden
  Wit' sunshine and flowers bright
  Outside de gate is darkness
  And she want to get into de light
De mon he come wit' da key now
  Say he open de gate for her
  She can go into de garden
  She got to do somet'ing in return
De mon he look like a mon now
  But de sulphur she t'ink she smelt
  And de heat from his body is so strong
  She beginning to t'ink she melt
  (repeat verse 1)
Ice Maiden
Full-length Demo
  • Sandy Reay: vocal
  • Mark Caldwell: electric guitar, electric bass, drum track
  • Ed Contreras: percussion

"I got the image of the Ice Maiden from a John D. McDonald book. I wrote a long, boring ballad and almost gave up on it. Then late one night, driving home from a Doc Watson / Chesapeake concert, I tuned into a Reggae show and started playing with the lyrics." — San

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