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Montana Memories (Version 2)

©1995, 2008 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

When I was just a kid, in summer I would ride
  Across that wide Montana plain beneath a big blue sky
  My pony never stumbled, we ran before the wind
  When we crossed that empty plain, we'd cross it once again
chorus Montana Memories
  Come to me like echoes on a breeze
  Montana Memories
  Or are they just my old Montana dreams?
We'd round up the herd and build a big camp fire
  Cut a dogie from the herd and brand him with an iron
  Late at night we'd sit around that cosy fire and sing
  I'd climb into my bedroll, dream what daylight would bring
I would go for rides, look for outlaw sign or bear
  Just 'cause you couldn't see them didn't mean they weren't there
  I could track and I could shoot an arrow or a gun
  And not run out of ammo until the fight was won
Are they just my old Montana dreams?

"'Montana Memories' was the title to an article in a Sunday newspaper magazine. I pulled it out for future inspiration, but never read it. One morning, the entire song came to me while I was driving to work. It's my 'Zen cowboy' song.

Years later, a local writers group made suggestions to revise the lyrics. The revised words are shown in the lyrics but aren't heard in the demo."

Montana Memories (Version 1)
Full-length Demo


  • A quote from Montana Memories was included in "Peace Within" by Kebba Buckley Button
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