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You Were the Road

©2011 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

You were the bird that sang up the sun
  You were the rock that made the river run
  You were the tide that taught the ocean to foam
  You Were the Road that led me home
Without your shoulder to lean on
  I don't stand as tall
  Without your hand to guide me
I'm afraid that I will fall
Without your arms to hold me
  I can't sleep for the cold
  Without you eyes to see me
  The mirror, oh the mirror says I'm old
bridge Independence — that's for youngsters
  It means loneliness to me
  I lost the grace of your loving embrace
  Now I don't know who to be
coda You Were the Road that led me home
  You Were the Road — the road that led me home

"I never got along with my father. When I cleaned out my mother's house, I found a treasure: a collection of hundreds of letters my father sent home from Europe, when he was in the Army during WW II. Most of his letters were in poem form. I spent most of a year scanning, transcribing and footnoting a book of his letters. In the process, I got to know a side of him I never saw, and I saw the man my mother loved. This is a love song to him, from her.

"But, this song was about loss as well as love. Someone told me to make it present tense, more positive, and change 'youngsters' to a word that includes all ages. I wrote You Are the Road."


Rebecca Martin performed You Were the Road at Swallow Hill, October 27, 2011. program

You Were the Road
Full-length Demo

video provided by Rebecca Martin

  • Rebecca Martin: lead vocal, guitar
  • Christy Wessler: harmony vocal, guitar
  • Pam Brown: harmony vocal, percussion
  • Todd Varble: bass
  • Tom MCarthy: mandolin
  • Eric Wiseman: guitar
a 1940s sepia photograph of a car parked across a dirt road across the railroad tracks from a 4 story converted hotel with a store on the lowest level and a balcony above the store
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