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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



The Lump of Coal
(Hope's Diamond)

©2021 Steve Jones, Sandra L. Reay

Irish Coyote Music
Colorado Sandstorm Music,


On an old-time steam train, Durango Silverton


She swayed with the music of the steel rails on that run


Raven hair, sky-blue eyes, a Georgia peach I'm told


In that railroad car beside her, sat a lump of coal

chorus 1

Small black and dusty, just a lump of coal


Whatever it meant to her, perhaps I'd never know


She stared at the river and the golden aspen leaves


Her smile soft and sweet, then I broke her reverie

  "Is that lump of coal for Christmas?” teasing, I remarked

But when her eyes met mine, she grabbed me by the heart

chorus 2

She had a lump of coal, black as ebony


Why she had it next to her, still a mystery


She laughed, said, “My name is Hope. First trip to the West


I've seen my share of good days. Now, this one is the best.


The lump of coal is a souvenir for memories on this train


A tether to my glorious day, like a golden chain.”


I would say she found a diamond that day


Memories etched in stone with that lump of coal


I tried to tell my story. She said, “Cowboy, let it go.


Find your inspiration. Find your lump of coal.


To talk about a future, you must forget the past”


As we chugged into the depot, my demons turned to ash

chorus 3 She had a lump of coal, black as ebony
  Why she had it next to her, now was plain to see

Small black and dusty, then I came to realize


This lump of coal was a diamond in Hope's eyes


She had a lump of coal, black as ebony


Hope's diamond, that's how it came to be

The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond)
Rough Clip
The Lump of Coal Hopes Diamond CD cover showing an old-time steam trains and gold aspens

"Steve Jones saw a woman with a lump of coal while he was performing on the train from Durango to Silverton, and asked me to cowrite the song with him. I made it a romance. He made it more than that, and wrote the music, which fit it perfectly. I'm honored to be part of this song."

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