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Road Song

©1994 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music,B.M.I.

Sitting in a rest stop down near Grants, New Mexico
  This morning I left Denver, still got a ways to go
  I really feel I'm flying, no time to stop and see
  And the road goes on forever, like a strange reality
chorus Oh, the limitless horizon is not big enough to hold
  All the love I feel within me or the peace that's in my soul
  It's time to start my engine, put more miles on this machine
  And the road goes on forever like an unremembered dream
Valmora, Tucumcari, Trinidad and Cimarron
  Names that sound of mystery, strange places far from home
  No time to learn their stories, I've got to roll right on
  And the road goes on forever, like some unending dawn
chorus 2 (same first two lines as chorus 1)
  But the road ahead just beckons, unseen places in a list
  And the road goes on forever, like a shadow in the mist
There's a pull from every city, a new home, a brand new face
  There should be time to stop there, get to know the place
  But the pull from that old highway is the strongest pull of all
  And the road goes on forever, like a lonesome child's call
chorus 2 (same first two lines as chorus 1)
coda And the road goes on forever
  And the song goes on forever
Road Song
Full-length Demo

map of I40 in New Mexico. Grants is between Gallup in the west and Albuquerque in the east. Grants is between and north of the Zuni Reservation in the west and the Laguna Pueblo reservation on the east


"On my first solo road trip, I drove from Denver to Phoenix with two dogs on Christmas Day. I took a break in a rest stop near Grants. I reclined the driver's seat to take a nap and the dogs licked my face until I was laughing too much to sleep. So, I wrote the song lyrics that had been running through my head while I drove."



  • A quote from Road Song was included in "Peace Within" by Kebba Buckley Button
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