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Another Horse to Saddle, Online Cowboy Poetry Book

Another Horse to Saddle

An Online Cowboy Poetry Book

  ©Model Guy S.L.Reay

Riding Midnight by Sandy Reay ©2012

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“Hey girl, come and help me with Midnight!”
His yell reached me through the barn door,
The horse stood there decked out in leather
With martingale, breast plate and more,

On days when we'd taken our ponies
And chased 'cross the prairie for fun,
I'd seen Gary up on that stallion.
I knew that old racehorse could run.

I asked Gary what was the problem
Prepared for another long yarn.
“Does Midnight run off with the ladies
And head straight on home to the barn?”

He answered, “No, that's not the problem.
And Midnight don't shy and don't balk.
He's gentle and calm with the ladies.
He just don't do nothing but walk.”

He boosted me up to the saddle.
I headed around the corral.
I felt Midnight walking real easy
And thought to myself, “Try it, gal.”

I used hands and legs and my body
And showed him I wanted to trot.
But Midnight kept walking real easy
And showed me that he'd rather not.

I looked off at Gary with wonder
And noticed his big cheesy grin.
I thought to myself, “I was ambushed!
Well Midnight, let's try it again.”

I cued him and kicked his sides harder.
Old Midnight just flickered his ears.
The cowboys who all stood there watching
Responded—with laugher and jeers.

I pondered on this pony's problem
And hoped that I had enough clues.
Did someone work him on a longe line
And shout out the gaits for his cues?

I thought that I might have the answer
And said, “Midnight, old son, TROT TROT!”
Well, Midnight responded with pleasure.
I thought, “Show me what else you got."

“Hey, Midnight, I want you to CANTER!”
And canter he did with great ease;
No hands, legs or body cues needed,
And I didn't have to say, “please.”

I rode him around through his paces
To Gary who stood there in awe.
I jumped from that horse with a flourish.
He grabbed both the reins with his paw

And asked, “What did you do to Midnight?”
I thought that I'd brighten his day
And answered, “I talked to him nicely,”
Then smiled and just walked away.

©Bill Patterson, Patterson Photograpy a photo of a cowboy in a corral on a running black horse throwing a rope
©Bill Patterson, Patterson Photography
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