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Another Horse to Saddle, Online Cowboy Poetry Book

Another Horse to Saddle

An Online Cowboy Poetry Book

  ©Model Guy S.L.Reay

Cleaning Barn by Sandy Reay ©2012, 2023

I don't know how it started, can't remember what was said,
But I was really angry before we got out of bed.

I pulled on my old work clothes, filled the thermos with hot tea,
A bite of cheese and bread, I left the house and let him be.

I thought I'd use my anger to plow through a lot of chores.
I checked the geldings in the field and opened the barn doors.

The mares and foals in the corral, each stud out in his run.
I carried flakes of hay to them, my chosen work begun.

I dragged the ladder from the shed, swept cobwebs from the beams,
Tacked siding down where it was loose, and sealed some leaky seams.

Old bedding in the barrow, dumped small hills so it would cool.
Scrubbed water troughs and buckets till each shone just like a jewel.

Buffed bars and rails and feeders, raked and swept the whole barn floor.
I washed the tack room window, oiled hinges on each door,

And cleaned the barrow for the next job: bedding in each stall.
Then marched into the tack room, cleaned each saddle on the wall

I soaped the leather, polished buckles, every piece of trim.
Was gonna clean the room but found the light was just too dim

I led the studs back to their stalls, brought mares and foals in too.
Gave them all their hay and oats. Did all that I could do.

I watched my favorite Mustang eat, my chin down on the rail.
These horses fill my soul with peace. It never seems to fail.

I took a breath and rested, then my eyes began to leak.
A horse knows when to comfort, felt his breath upon my cheek.

I touched his whiskers, wiped my eyes, "Oh, it's you," I said.
He put is his arm around me, led me home and got me fed.

Cleaning the Barn: Uno and Dove

Cleaning the Barn: Dove and Jamal
Help in the barn

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