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Another Horse to Saddle

©2011 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

I never minded working for board and pocket change
On someone else's ponies, on someone else's range.
You know, I heard my daddy say, “Son, just be a man.
Go buy some land. Get married. Have children. Make a plan.”
I thought I met that someone. Her smile caught my eye.
But I rode off one evening, and never said goodbye.
Some other cowboys did it, got married, settled down.
I'd see another smile. There's always one more town,

Another Horse to Saddle, another hill to climb,
Another road to travel, another round-up time.
I'z always looking forward and never looking back.
It seems like I have wandered, but I was on my track.

I know I made my choices. There's no one I can blame.
'Fi had to do it over, I'd do it just the same.
My pony's getting tired. The ground looks awful hard.
I can't see stars or moonlight. These beans sure taste like lard.

It's time to ride up yonder, where grass is thick and sweet,

The red sun warms my shoulders, and boots don't hurt my feet.
Another Horse to Saddle, and one more hill to climb.
Just one more road to travel. It's my last round-up time.



"I started out writing a song about a dying cowboy who came to the end of the trail and looked back at his life with regret. No matter how much I changed it, the song didn't work. I asked for help at a songwriters' workshop and Steve Seskin, a hit songwriter from Nashville, said, 'Why not have him look back at his life with no regrets?'

"I'd just read a Larry McMurtry book, "Leaving Cheyenne," and one of his characters became the inspiration for the cowboy in my poem. I kept three verses from the original lyrics, including the verse that starts with the title, and the poem almost wrote itself. I just had to get out of its way and let go of my idea that it should be a song." — San

Another Horse to Saddle
(photo by S.L.Reay)

Another Horse to Saddlewas performed three times on stage at the at the Western Music Association Annual Festival, first in Nov. 2012, then Nov. 15 (Pro-Am stage) and Nov. 16 (Cowboy Poetry Jackpot), 2014, in Albuquerque NM.

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