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Pickin' On Tennyson

November 11 , 2010 Sandy Reay, M.C, with:

photos from videos by Suzie Solomon

Ed Skibbe
Ed Skibbe, Sandy Reay
Ed & Sandy
Ernie Martinez, Bill Barwick
Ernie & Bill

Ernie & Bill
Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez
Sandy & Ernie
Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez, Bill Barwick
Sandy, Ernie & Bill


October 14 , 2010 Sandy Reay, M.C, with:
BJ Suter
Emily Miller Bond


September 9 , 2010 Special House Concert featuring:
  • John & Julie Pennell (headliners)
  • Kevin DeForrest solo and with his bands:
    The Triptones and 40 Gallon Still including
    • Brett Billings
    • Eric Drobny
    • Jeff Mosgrove
    • Davis Vardaman
John & Julie Pennell
John & Julie
John & Julie Pennell
John & Julie
Julie Pennell & Brett Billings
Julie & Brett

Julie & Brett

40 Gallon Still / The Triptones
featuring Kevin, Eric, Jeff, Davis

photos by Suzie Solomon


August 12, 2010 Sandy Reay, M.C, with:
  • Greg Upton
  • Kevin DeForrest

Greg, Sandy & Kevin


July 8, 2010 Sandy Reay, M.C, with:
Christy Wessler, Dave Schaper
Christy & Dave
Sandy, Christy & Dave
Sandy Reay, Christy Wessler, Dave Schaper


June 10, 2010 Sandy Reay, M.C, with:
photos by Suzie Solomon
Sylvia Murray, Mark Merryman
Sylvia & Mark
Sylvia Murray, Mark Merryman, JJ Fraser
Sylvia, Mark & JJ
Sandy Reay, Sylvia Murray
Sandy & Sylvia
Bill Murray, Sandy Reay
Bill & Sandy

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